General Terms of Service



To help guarantee a smooth and successful work relationship, it is of utmost importance to state clearly both the client's and the company's expectations, needs, and responsibilities prior to the actual beginning of any translation, interpreting, proofreading, editing, or training project.


For this reason, to assess the cost, time of delivery, and resource availability for a particular job, clients should specify, thoroughly and preferably in writing, the conditions and type of service(s) required.  Depending on your specific needs, the information you will need to provided us if you were interested in a service quote may include, but is not limited to the following:


What is it about?   

Tell us the subject matter, title, and the type of written or oral texts we would be working with.


How many?

Pages or words in the case of written documents, and minutes, hours, or days in the case of audiovisual or oral texts.

For whom?  

Tell us as much as you can about the target audience of the translated/interpreted text (level of expertise, languages spoken, number of people expected, country or area of residence, etc.).


With what purpose?  

We need to understand the reason(s) you have for wanting to process and deliver that text to that audience.  This will help us know, for example, whether you are interested in using the text to attain a very general idea about a document or a detailed one, or if you want to persuade rather than inform the target audience. 



It is fundamental for us to know if you have an exact date of delivery in mind or the specific dates for an activity, if it is urgent, or if we need to work under a certain schedule of delivery.



We need to know, in the case of written and audiovisual texts, as much as possible about the place where the documents are going to be read or seen; and, in the case of an oral text, about the place where the conference or meeting is going to be held.



Tell us about such things as the text format (original and translated version), the form of delivery, the type of interpretation required (consecutive, simultaneous, escort, with or without equipment, etc.).   


Any other special characteristics or requests?  

Mention any other relevant information and, if possible, send us a copy of a sample page or program to be translated or interpreted to have a better idea of its format and level of technicality.


As a whole, a well-described and understood project will surely lead to success, and this can only be attained if the necessary communication channels on both sides remain open at all times. 


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