Servicios Profesionales Tradínter S.A. is ready to assist you with all your multilingual spoken and written communication and training needs:

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General Service Information

Emerging from the need to communicate accurately with each other, people who speak different languages and have different backgrounds and cultures have always needed the help of those who have the capacity to serve as a linguistic and cultural bridge, that is, the help of interpreters and translators to facilitate communication.  

Nowadays, technological progress has enabled even more than ever the development of international contacts to negotiate or share products and ideas worldwide.  People discuss issues of all kinds (economic, legal, technical, cultural, political, etc.) and need to rely on professionals who can guarantee mutual understanding regardless of the linguistic and cultural barriers present.

With this in mind, Tradinter has developed throughout the years a multi-disciplinary and multi-linguistic team of an excellent reputation, and has specialized in the following four main areas:


We  have a number of advantages such as excellent human, technical and bibliographical resources that enable us to work, mainly from English into Spanish and vice versa, a large variety of texts and formats such as books, brochures, manuals, letters, videos, web pages, and other kinds of, regular or official, medical, biological, pharmacological, environmental, tourist, topographical, computer, legal, educational, insurance, commercial, banking and financial documents, among others.


Tradinter provides interpreting services in conferences, seminars, workshops and other types of meetings held anywhere in Costa Rica and abroad.  Whether on-site, over-the-phone or via teleconferencing, and regardless of the interpretation mode required -simultaneous, consecutive, whispering or sight translation-, our interpreters will always do their best to get prepared in advance and adapt adequately to your particular needs.  In this way, your audiences will be able to enjoy accurate, complete and smooth renditions in their very own language.  Moreover, we offer the possibility of subcontracting any necessary state-of-the art technical equipment and other highly-qualified personnel to help you guarantee the success of your activity. 

Proofreading and editing

We are aware that, often times, companies do not have the time or the necessary personnel to proofread their most important monolingual or bilingual documents and correspondence.  For such cases, and regardless of the type of document it may be, Tradinter offers the well-developed abilities of our English and Spanish native-speaking associates that will enable you to feel confident about the linguistic and cultural appropriateness of your texts.


We can also give you the opportunity to enhance your employee's translation, interpretation or general language and customer service skills through customized courses in English or in Spanish.  We will develop and implement such courses based on your specific needs and goals.

Other services and languages

Furthermore, Tradinter offers language-related consulting services to help you decide, for example, whether to translate a specific document, use a certain mode of interpretation or equipment, or follow some curricular program or not, even if we are not meant to be the providers of such translation, interpretation or training service.

Even though most of our jobs involve both English and Spanish only, if you need assistance in any other language, such as Russian, Portuguese or Japanese, among others, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We will be happy to help you either directly through one of our teammates or by getting you in contact with an external qualified colleague or agency.

If you are interested in obtaining further information about our services, please contact us at

We look forward to working with you!

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